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    You will find that working with South Dakota Log Homes is easy. We are thorough, knowledgeable, fair, and very reliable. We encourage you to compare us to anyone else in the log home business. We are positive that when you do, you will not want to work with anyone else, but the folks at South Dakota Log Homes the authorized dealers for Strongwood Log Home Company.  Please contact us soon!

    The Most Complete Package "Bar None"
    Date: Monday, June 01, 2009
    Introducing The Most Complete
    Log Package BAR NONE.

    Dear Friend:

    We are pleased that you are considering Strongwood Log Home Company to provide materials for your

    new log home. We are passionate about providing industry-leading service and only the highest quality

    materials. Please contact your Strongwood representative immediately if you need additional service or

    any additional clarification of this document. We will do everything in our power to make planning and

    building your dream home an enjoyable experience.

    This summary is based on Strongwood Log Home Company? All-Inclusive Log Home Package. All

    materials listed below will be provided in the quantities needed to build your home based on our detailed

    Construction Documents. Please also note the Homeowner? Responsibility Sheet at the end of this

    document, which as a service lists items that must be purchased in addition to the Strongwood-provided

    materials to complete your home.

    Logs and Joinery: Strongwood provides Completely Kiln-Dried Logs that are among the finest in our

    industry. Wall logs are dried in a kiln on average for over 30 days at temperatures up to 170 degrees.

    Larger diameter logs are dried even longer. Most importantly, we quality test moisture content to the core

    of the logs to insure they are between 15% to 19% moisture content. This testing is done according to the

    The National Association of Homebuilders Log Home Council Grading Program and quality stamped upon

    passing by Timber Products Inspection. The end result is a log wall system that has virtually no settling,

    shrinking, minimal checking/cracking, lower labor costs, and less maintenance.

    Log Size & Style: Strongwood offers a wide variety of log sizes and profiles, including Round logs,

    Square logs, and even D-logs, which are round on the exterior and flat in the interior of the home. For

    corner styles, we offer Saddle-Notch, Dovetail, Butt & Pass and Post corner systems. The profiles and

    corner styles can be done with a wide variety of log profile, size and corner variations, which your

    Strongwood representative can explain in detail.

    Wall Log Insulation Kit: Asphalt-Impregnated Foam Gasket, Energy Seal Sealant and Wood Dowels.

    Fastener Kit: 11? 13?& 15?Log Hog Screws as Required.

    Check Kit: Foam Backer Rod and Conceal Sealant.

    Foundation / Lower Level: Strongwood provides the design specifications for the foundation and

    includes any necessary framing, posts, stairs and insulation. For finished basement interiors, Strongwood

    provides log siding, tongue & groove paneling, doors, trim, bathroom fixtures, fireplace, interior and

    exterior manufactured stone and other finish items as requested. Exterior finish generally includes

    Strongwood-provided log siding, windows, doors, trim and stone per plan. Excavation, drain tile, footings,

    concrete, drywall and flooring coverings are by others.

    Main Floor: The main floor is the heart of a Strongwood Log Home, constructed of full logs or log siding

    per client preference from our wide selection of choices. Features include nine to ten foot ceilings, solid

    wood posts and beams, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, sinks, interior and exterior doors, windows, trim,

    fireplace, stone, tongue & groove wall and ceiling paneling, conventional partition wall framing and I-joist

    floor system with ? high performance OSB subfloor floor (specifications may vary per plan). Floor

    coverings and any drywall are by others.

    Floor System:

    Pressure Treated Sill Plate and Sill Seal

    LVL Support Beams and Girders per plan (no steel included)

    9? or 11 7/8 ?I-Joists per plan

    Rim Joist

    Hangers, Post Bases and Caps per plan

    Blocking as required

    ? High performance T&G OSB Subfloor

    Subfloor Adhesive

    Insulation per plan

    Log Plate

    Log Siding Rim Joist Band

    Interior Framing

    2x4?and 2x6?Framing, Plates and Studs per plan

    2x and LVL Headers per plan

    Exterior Framed Walls per plan if log sided

    Stair System & Railings

    Laminated Stringer w/ Southern Yellow Pine Treads and Risers with Conventional Landing


    Round Log Stringers Coped to Accept Half-Log Treads

    Half Log Stringers w/ Mortise & Tenon Half Log Treads

    Square Timber Stringers w/ Mortise & Tenon Timber Treads

    Cedar Log Railing per plan


    illed or Handcrafted Round Heavy Timber Posts per plan

    Milled Square Heavy Timber Posts per plan

    Finish Materials

    1x6?Tongue & Groove Pine for first floor ceiling and interior walls where specified on plan

    2x6?Tongue & Groove Pine for first floor ceiling where specified as structural on plan

    Log Siding to match full log walls for interior walls where specified on plan

    1x4?Smooth Sawn or 6?Round Interior Trim for interior wall openings

    1x4?or 1x6?Rough Sawn Cedar or 6?Round Exterior Trim for exterior wall openings

    Second Floor: The second floor of a Strongwood home is constructed with a conventional I-joist floor

    system or with structural round or square log beams covered with 2x6?tongue & groove pine. Exterior

    walls may be full log or conventionally framed with cedar shingles or siding to match the logs below.

    Solid wood posts and beams, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, sinks, interior and exterior doors, windows,

    trim, tongue & groove wall and ceiling paneling and conventional partition wall framing are all included

    per plan. Floor coverings and any drywall are by others.

    Second Floor System

    Heavy Timber Support Beams and Girders per plan

    Conventional I-Joists with ? High performance T&G OSB Subfloor


    Structural Round or Square Log Beams covered with 2x6?Tongue & Groove Pine Decking

    Rim Joist per plan

    Hangers, Post Bases and Caps per plan (conventional fasteners by others)

    Blocking as required

    Subfloor Adhesive

    Log Siding for Rim Joist Band

    Second Floor Exterior walls

    Full Log Gables and Dormers to match first floor logs


    2x4?or 2x6?Insulated Wall with 7/16?OSB Sheathing w/ Cedar Shingles or Log Siding

    2x and LVL Headers per plan

    Optional False Corners to match first floor logs

    Interior Framing

    2x4?and 2x6?Framing, Plates and Studs per plan

    2x and LVL Headers per plan

    Finish Materials

    1x6?Tongue & Groove Pine for ceiling and interior walls where specified on plan

    Log Siding to match full log walls for interior walls where specified on plan

    1x4?Smooth Sawn or 6?Round Interior Trim for interior wall openings

    1x4?or 1x6?Rough Sawn Cedar or 6?Round Exterior Trim for exterior wall openings

    Roof Framing:

    Conventional Roof Rafters and/or Trusses as required per plan

    Round Log or Square Timber Rafters, Purlins and/or Trusses per plan

    Column Caps as required

    Hangers, Straps, and Mechanical Fasteners

    2x4?& 2x6?Framing for rakes and lookouts


    1x6?Tongue & Groove Pine Soffit

    1x6? 1x8? 1x10?or 1x12?Rough Sawn Cedar Fascia per plan

    2?Vent Strip

    5/8?OSB Roof Sheathing with Clips or 2x6?Tongue & Groove Pine where indicated

    Insulation as specified on plan

    Porch and Deck:

    2x6? 2x8? 2x10?and/or 2x12?Treated Porch and Deck Framing per plan

    5/4x6?Treated or Cedar Decking per plan

    1x4?Doug Fir Decking for Screened Porches or 3-Seasons Rooms only, if applicable

    Round or Square Porch Posts per plan

    Porch Roof Systems: Conventional, Round or Square Rafters w/ 1x6? 1x12?or 2x6?Sheathing


    Pressure Treated Sill Plate and Sill Seal

    2x4?or 2x6?Framing, Plates and Studs per plan

    7/16?OSB Sheathing

    2x and LVL Headers per plan


    Log Siding to match main house with or without False Corners (as specified)

    2x Window Bucks for framed wall areas


    15# Felt and Ice & Water Shield

    30-year Architectural Shingles (color TBD)

    Starter, Cap, Drip Edge, gutter apron, Strip Vent and Ridge Vent

    Windows and Doors:

    Pella Windows: ProLine, Architect or Designer Double-Hung/Awning/Casement Windows

    Pella Doors: French Doors, Sliders and/or Fir-Grain Fiberglass Door per plan

    Front Door: Timber Valley Millwork Entry Door per plan

    Secondary Entry Doors: 36?Steel Door(s) per plan


    Exterior Stain: Sikkens Log & Siding (color TBD)

    Interior Stain: Perma-Chink Lifeline Interior (color TBD)

    Perma-Chink Acrylic Interior (finish TBD)

    Interior Doors:

    Pine Valley Collection by Timber Valley Millwork Models T-102V, T-106, or T-108 (TBD)

    4 9/16" Jambs


    Emtek Sandcast Bronze Series Hardware for interior doors and entry doors (see brochure)

    Garage Doors:

    Wayne Dalton Model 311 Garage Doors with Lites, Installed w/ Opener(s)


    Kitchen Cabinetry Included: HomeCrest or upgrade to Dynasty/Omega

    Bathroom & Laundry Cabinetry Included: HomeCrest or upgrade to Dynasty/Omega

    Several door styles to choose from in each line

    Wood dovetail drawers, full extension glides with soft close

    All mouldings included (crown, scribe, toe)

    Standard hardware selections included


    Counter Tops:

    Cultured Marble countertops included in bathrooms only

    Granite, solid surface and laminate kitchen counter tops by others

    Plumbing Fixtures:

    Kitchen Plumbing Fixtures Included: Delta or Kohler sink, faucet, drain and disposal

    Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures Included: Delta or Kohler sink, faucet, tub/shower faucet;

    toilet, tub/shower/whirlpool (per plan); towels bars/rings, tissue holder (per plan)

    Laundry Plumbing Fixtures Included: Laundry sink/faucet per plan

    Appliances: GE, Wolf and Sub Zero kitchen and laundry appliances per specifications.


    R38 Ceiling/Roof Insulation for house

    R19 Framed House Walls

    R-11 Perimeter Basement Walls

    First Floor System Insulation

    Insulation/Caulk for openings

    Fireplace & Stone:

    Heatilator Gas or Wood Burning Fireplace(s) per plan

    Cultured Stone Allowance for fireplace and/or foundation per plan

    ?Copyright 2007 South Dakota Log Homes 605-881-3459